Managed Website

Website Created & Managed By Us

We offer creation and maintenance of your website for a monthly fee depending on how big the project is. 

What We Need Before Building Your Website

There are some things that we need before building your site. This is needed to be provided before we are able to start building.

  • Domain name the client owns
  • Domain name that points to the name servers we provide
  • What kind of website it will be.
  • Recommended website design (important!)
  • Website Branding, logo, and swatch or palette
  • All website content, article (not violating our terms and conditions) to be added to the website
  • Special functionalities your site will need (like payment gateway)
  • Website legal contents, privacy policy and terms and conditions
  • Country your business is based in

WordPress or Flask

We will build your website with WordPress or Flask, whichever tool we believe is best for the job. We will provide the web hosting to our or our partner servers. The client may not choose which servers we will use nor may not choose another framework/CMS other than Flask or WordPress.

HTTPs and other Security

We will provide basic HTTP and Security. Any additional security will have to be at the cost of the client. 

Online Store, Blog, or Business Info Website – Easy & Hassle Free

We will build your Online Store, Blog, and Static Website. Completely easy and hassle free, just provide all details that we need. 

Time It Takes

Your website might take 7 days up to 3 months or more depending on what kind of functionality you want your site to have. A simple blog or simple informational website may take faster than a website filled with a lot of content.

What We Can’t Offer

There are some things that we can’t offer. First of all, we can’t offer a website with advanced functionalities. We can offer is basic (not advanced) coding in Python, CS, and JS. We can’t offer coding in PHP or any other coding. We can’t build any new WordPress plugins. We try our best to offer what we can but we can’t promise to deliver anything beyond our capabilities.

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