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SEO Basics

SEO is one important tool to make sure your website is seen by search engines. People still search in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. So it’s one of the best ways for your business to reach your audience. SEO should not be neglected. This is just as important as your Social Media awareness. Before doing SEO, however, you must make sure your brand is already established. Frequent changing of brands is not a good thing. People will think it’s a new business on the block. In our opinion, you’ll have to market your business almost from ground zero.

If you’re got a brand in mind, you must set it in stone. From the company’s color palette to the company’s product name, etc. Believe us, we know companies that rebranded and it’s quite costly to rebrand or change to a very different branding.

Once you’ve got that out of the way, you’re set to do SEO.

What We Need From You

We will need a few things from you before we are able to do the report. We can not proceed in doing your report without the following:

  • A domain name and website
  • A specific page in your website that we will analyze for
  • Complete branding

SEO Check Up Report

We will do a check up on your website on the following:

DA and PA

We will do a check how much is the DA and PA score of your webpage. This is one important tool in SEO. In our report we will provide you a report showing how much your DA and PA score is and analyze whether it is good or not.


We will ask you to provide a keyword for your web page. We will then analyze if that keyword fits your overall website. For example, a website about mental health with a keyword of “real estate” does not really fit together pretty well right? 

We will provide long tail keywords that we believe is right for the keyword you gave.

Keywords on Content

We will also check if the keyword you gave is on the webpage you gave. Also, we will check if your article or page has enough words for SEO.


We will also check the competition for the keyword you gave.

SEO Recommendations

After we give the check up we will then give out our recommendations based on our findings about the page you gave us. 

Recommendations will include the following: 

Long Tail Keyword & Article Revision

We will analyze the article or body text of your page and recommend what kind of changes need to be made. 

We will also analyze the link and recommend a title and meta description for the SE snippet of your page. The snippet is what you may see in the search engines.

Page Speed and Aesthetic Recommendation


We will check to see if any of your page images need compression or simply loads slowly

Aesthetic Changes

We will check for any aesthetic changes, like text being hard to read.

Our Report

We will send our report in a PDF format. 

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